Vehroot Corp.

The Shelf

provides drivers a safer and more enjoyable experience than any vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket solution is providing today!

Wireless Charging

Charge your phone quickly

without cables. Enjoy always-on

navigation and music while

your battery remains fully charged.

Bring a Big Screen

Not Just for Phones. 

Use any Size or Brand Tablet.

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Article about Vehroot featured Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Live Stream at 1 Million Cups!

 Learn about the Verhroot Shelf with Thomas Robillard and our funding opportunities.

Recorded Wednesday, Jan. 8th 2020 at 1 Million cups in Madison, Wisconsin.

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The Shelf

The Shelf provides drivers a safer and more enjoyable experience than any vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket solution is providing today!

Shelf Shell

A steel shell allows the Shelf to be placed into any vehicle with a standard double DIN.

Wireless Charging

Never plug your phone in again! Our wireless charging is compatible with any Qi enabled phone, will ensure your phone is always charged during use. Yes, even the new generation of wireless enabled iPhones!

The Booty

The Shelf fully integrates into your vehicle, offering pre-amp outputs, an internal amplifier, dimmer, remote power, and integrated steering controls.

Hands-Free Calling, Navigation, Music streaming, Diagnostics, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Endless app possibilities.

Works with any Mobile Device




Immerse your vehicle in HD sound

aptX HD technology in The Shelf delivers the highest quality in stereo sound.  The Shelf can output High Definition audio with better than CD quality sound over Bluetooth.


I have been using the Vehroot Shelf for a little over a month now, and it has been awesome! The idea itself is pure genius. I am an avid off-roader and personally use my iPad Mini on the shelf. It stays on the Shelf without moving and I have never been worried about it falling off while flying through the desert! The bluetooth connectivity is fantastic and I really like that the microphone is built into the unit so that there is no need to run wires and mount an external mic. elsewhere!

– Chris Hrezo

As an Uber driver I found the Vehroot Shelf to be one of the most useful tools for my vehicle. I don't have to worry about some weird phone vent clip anymore. The grip of the gel holds it firmly in place and the fact that it charges is a huge bonus!

– Jordan Higgins

I was fortunate to be one of the people Vehroot selected to get advance protos of the Shelf. It's not something I would have sought out, but now that I have it it feels indispensable. Whenever I get in the car, I throw the phone on the Shelf without thinking, and it automatically starts charging. When I use directions on my phone, I don't have to take my eyes off the road as long to see the map. If I want to adjust the volume, pause, or skip a track on the audio I'm listening to, I can use the buttons on the Shelf and make the adjustment just as I would on an old-fashioned car stereo. The handsfree feature sounds actually better than my old wired earpiece system and is easier and safer to use on the road. I know in the future when I get a new phone, I'll instantly have access to all its new features in my car.

– Charles Gervasi

Pairs instantly with my phone. My old VW system sometimes took up to 2 minutes, which is annoying when you just want to get in your car and go. Surface gripping strength is excellent. I've never felt worried my phone will fly off of the shelf. It looks like it should be there. The mounting kit you provided makes it blend well and makes it look OEM. Secure place to put my phone. Easy to place/remove Good call quality. My OEM VW system was garbage! This appears to be much better.

– Rob Morell

Vehroot Shelf Features Video

The Vehroot Shelf enables your phone or tablet to be the Car Stereo!

Vehroot Shelf QI Charging

Our 3-Coil QI charging module is fast charge compatible with Samsung phones, the new iPhones and any QI capable device.

Vehroot Shelf Multi Device Pairing

Connect via Bluetooth up to 3 devices to share seamlessly with family, friends and co-workers.

Vehroot Shelf Extreme Driving Device Safety Test

We have had lots of questions about the safety of your devices on the Shelf. We think this video will answer all of them! 

Vehroot Shelf Promo clip Chevy Silverado

As you will see an iPad rides nicely on the Shelf! And Chris ( the owner of the truck ) said the iPad held snug on our Gel strips as he whipped through the desert!

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