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Now What?

Dang!  We didn’t reach our Kickstarter goal this time.  Indeed, we were far from it.  However, this was still a good campaign because a lot of product and brand awareness was generated in a short time, and we have learned quite a few lessons.  We will return this summer (2018) with a much-improved campaign.

First, we’ll try to reduce our funding goal.  Our vendors have always quoted a minimum order of 1,000, but we are asking now to get the minimum parts order down to 500, or maybe even less.  In short, we will do more homework to determine if our funding goal is the bare minimum.

Second, we’ve had many questions come in (thank you to everyone who has sent comments!).  Many of the questions tell us we didn’t communicate in enough detail.  Our next campaign will have better imagery, write-ups, and several more videos.

Third, we really botched PR and marketing.  As in, we didn’t do any.  We are currently in negotiations with new PR/marketing firms and will collect as much customer feedback and media coverage as possible before the next campaign starts; “Dear Jay Leno, we are available for product demos and personal interviews!”

Lastly, our launch timing was terrible.  Launching two-weeks before the Christmas holiday presented a challenge in itself.  Summer will be much better!

Please join us again in the next campaign!  Till then, sign up for our newsletter at to stay informed.


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