Vehroot Corp.

Our Story

IF  we create products eliminating dangers and making mobile devices safe to use in vehicles  THEN  people choose our products rather than those that poorly integrate mobile devices within vehicles  BECAUSE  mobile devices are (and always will be) the best technology present in vehicles and most everyone is already familiar with how to use them.

Safely enjoy your mobile device while driving.

We develop technology to encourage mobile device use in vehicles from the following three key viewpoints.

  1. Mobile devices (phones and tablets) will always be the most innovative and comprehensive technology present in vehicles
  2. Vehicles will always require mobile devices for data and voice communications
  3. Dangers related to mobile device use in vehicles are solvable

Our patents and products enable mobile devices to replace vehicle electronics rather than integrate with them. Our first product to market is The Vehroot Shelf, which enables any size or brand mobile device to act as the stereo within most make and model vehicles; auto, marine, RV and ATV.

Our simple three-word mission statement: 
"Driving Vehicle Intelligence"

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